Xiaomi Robot Vacuum-Mop 2S Integration in Home Assistant

I’ve recently bought this new Xiaomi Vacuum robot, that is cheap (199 euro actually) but sufficiently efficient for my basic needs.

Unfortunately it’s not supported by the standard integration Xiaomi Miio because this specific robot uses different API to be controlled. Trying to add the robot to the standard integration you will get “Unsupported model ijai.vacuum.v19“.

The solution for this specific model is a custom integration from HACS store, called Xiaomi Miot For HomeAssistant (link)

Xiaomi Home App

First of all you need to install the Xiaomi Home App on your mobile device, from Google Store (for Android devices)

  • Create a Xiaomi account and take note of your username and password, we will need it later
  • Add your robot to the app

Integration installation

  • Go to HACS Integration
  • Search for XIAOMI MIOT AUTO, select it and wait for download
  • Go to Settings – Devices & Services – Integration
  • Search for XIAOMI MIOT AUTO and select it
  • Select Add devices using MI Account and click NEXT
  • Type your username and password xiaomi account
  • Select the server location according to your Country
  • Click SUBMIT
  • Select Exclude and click SUBMIT
  • Select the Area for your robot and click FINISH
  • Go to Settings – Devices & Services – Devices and search for your Xiaomi Robot to find out newly created entities.
  • Add the new entities to your Dashboard
  • Click on Robot Cleaner Status entities for all the available commands: