Bticino Living Now and HomeKit Integration

Bticino Living Now series is more expensive compared to Sonoff, Shelly or other budget brands, but is very reliable, very stylish and come with a pretty Mobile App to control your home.

Obviously you can stick with it, or keep it and also integrate your Home Assistant server!

As far I know, there isn’t an official Bticino Home Assistant Integration, but I’ve found that Home Kit Controller integration works flawless, maintains the usability of the original Bticino app and gives you the control from Home Assistant.

  • Navigate to Configuration Integrations
  • Search for HomeKit Controller (pay attention to choose the one with Controller)
  • Once selected it will discover your Bticino Gateway (K4500C) and ask for a Gateway Id
  • You can find the Gateway Id on a label, just remove the cover and find it like below
  • Home Assistant will automatically detects the Gateway
  • All the devices paired with the Bticino Gateway will come out as well as new Entities
  • I strongly suggest to NOT RENAME the entities discovered by the integration, and just assign an user friendly name to them once in the Lovelace UI. This id because I’ve periodically experienced that the integration reload the entities with the original ID, so that if you added them with the original name nothing change, otherwise all your automation, dashboard and so on will have to be recreated!