Aqara P1 human body movement and illuminance sensor

The Aqara P1 sensor is the new upgraded version of the Aqara Zigbee movement sensor.

Main improvements are:

  • Zigbee protocoll 3.0
  • Detection Interval is configurable (starting from 2 sec), and much faster than older version
  • Illuminance sensor
  • 4 years Battery life

The only down side is that is a little bigger than the previous version:

It’s compatible with Home Assistant using ConBee II USB and Zigbee2MQTT addon.

Pay attention that both must be updated to latest version:

  • Zigbee2mtt official addon (, minimum version 1.25.1
  • ConBee firmware, minimum version 26720700

Pairing and setup

  • Open Zigbee2mqtt control panel
  • Click Permit join (All)
  • Remove battery protection plastic tab from the device
  • Press and hold the reset button on back of the device for some seconds until the blue light starts blinking
  • Once the pairing is completed the new device RTCGQ14LM will be listed
  • Click on Exposes tab and Settings (specific) tab
  • Beside the obvious current Occupancy status Clear/Detected
  • Check the many Settings you can adjust according to your needs, like the detection_interval

By default the sensor is in standby mode, so right after published an update to any settings remember to single preset the reset button on the devices, or you will receive a timeout error and update will fail.

Full supported Options Here: Xiaomi RTCGQ14LM